Common Causes of Burn Injuries and Legal Recourse


Have you recently suffered from a burn injury? Was it work-related? Did the burn come from a house fire? Does the cause even matter as long as it was a burn injury? The answer is yes. The cause of your burn injury significantly influences the outcome of your case. Ultimately, who was at fault is the biggest factor, but depending on how you were injured may call for different strategies.

Work-Related Burn Injuries

One of the first things burn injury attorneys will ask you is how you received your injury. Why is this important? For starters, it may help doctors determine how to treat your burns, but it will also give your attorney a better idea of who may be at fault.

If you work in an environment with toxic chemicals or hazardous machinery, specific safety precautions should be in place. Failure to ensure this on your employer’s part could result in them being held responsible.

However, if you are caught violating these safety rules by not wearing the proper safety gear or ignoring specific procedures, you could be held liable and not have a case.

Suppose your burn injury attorney determines that your employer is at fault. In that case, it is important to not accept any deals or money without your attorney’s input. It is not uncommon for some employers to try getting you into making a deal or taking money from them so you don’t pursue a case.

You want to run everything by your lawyer to determine if the deal is fair.

House Fires

House fires can go either way as well.

Did your landlord ignore your requests for repairs, which caused the fire?

Or did you leave the stove on?

The first would result in you having a case. The second could have you ending up in a lot of trouble.

If the first is true, you need to be able to back it up with evidence. Did you record all the times your landlord put off your requests? If not, you may be up a creek without a paddle.

Faulty Products

Everyday products can also cause serve burns. For example, if you are using a hair straightener and are following the directions, but it still burns you, you may have a case. You’ll likely be liable if you fall asleep while using it.

Many burn injury attorneys recommend keeping what is left of the faulty product (if it’s safe). Doing so can further help determine who was at fault.

As you can see, different kinds of cases may call for other actions. That’s why all burn injuries are not treated the same. If you are unsure how to proceed with your burn injury claim, you can always consult an attorney.

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