Does Having an Attorney Determine Whether


Did you understand you can boost your probabilities of winning your Social Safety (SSA) Disability case by more than 50% if you are represented by a lawyer? Basically, that’s a significant difference and one that every Social Protection special needs candidate ought to heed.

Congressional and SSA’s own stats verify this declaration is true. The statistic came to light in November 2001, throughout Congressional statement supplied by Congressman Robert T. Matsui of California. During the hearing Congressman Matsui provided the following testimony:

” Expert representation is a valuable-and undoubtedly vital-service. The disability determination process is complicated. Claimants without professional depiction appear to be much bestlawsbooks less most likely to get the benefits to which they are qualified. For instance, in 2000, 64% of plaintiffs represented by an attorney, but just 40% of those without one, were awarded benefits at the hearing degree.” [1]
At the exact same hearing, Congressman E. Clay Shaw, Jr. of Florida offered the adhering to testimony:

” As a number of you recognize, declaring Social Security benefits-especially disability benefits-is so difficult that numerous complaintants have to work with attorneys to guide them with the process.” [2]
Please understand I am not recommending that toplegalnotice you should have an attorney in order to win your impairment situation. Individuals can and do win their cases by themselves. As a matter of fact, SSA does not need you to have an attorney, you can represent yourself; however why in the world would certainly you? Congressional and SSA’s very own stats show remarkable differences in the outcomes of cases depending upon whether an attorney is involved.

I have actually debated for many years on whether to write an article on why one must hire a disability lawyer. I did not desire the article to be deemed self-involved for either myself or my career. I am aware of the unfavorable stature attorneys hold in our culture, some of which is been worthy of. I always enjoy the search in a person’s eyes when they discover I am an attorney; it is clear they are browsing their mind to share the most up to date attorney joke … as well as a lot of are very funny!

However, the testament of Congressmen Matsui and also Shaw validates what SSA and lots of disability attorneys have recognized for many years. With such an engaging statistic, it is my hope this write-up is deemed instructional, instead of self-serving.

So you understand the difference a special needs legalboxs attorney can make in your instance … what can do you do regarding it? For those of you that are now taking into consideration working with an attorney, let me supply you with some standard details to help you in your choice.

1. You only pay an Attorney’s cost if you win your Case!

The primary inquiry on people’s minds is, “How can I afford an attorney when I am not functioning?” The response is easy … you just pay the lawyer a fee if you win your case. You do not pay a lawyer upfront. Normally, every special needs lawyer will certainly represent you on a backup charge basis. Basically, this suggests you do not pay an attorney’s cost unless you win your case. Therefore, everybody seeking impairment benefits can afford an attorney. The question you should be asking on your own is “can I manage not to be stood for by a lawyer?”

2. General information pertaining to the lawyer’s costs

The SSA and also government legislation established the lawyer’s fees in impairment instances. The basic cost arrangement most lawyers make use of states the attorney’s charge rests upon lawsect winning your situation. The cost is 25% of all unpaid advantages for you as well as your household, as much as an optimum of $5,300, or whichever is less. Some lawyers might utilize a fee agreement which offers a maximum charge of $7,000.

It deserves noting that on February 1, 2002, SSA increased the maximum basic cost amount to $5,300 from $4,000. This is the first time the cost has been increased because 1990 and also simply stood for a cost of living change.

Hence, the attorney’s charges are usually only a portion of the benefits you receive; relying on the amount of your past due benefits, it can be a really tiny portion.

3. What is my instance worth if I win?

The solution to this inquiry depends on a number of aspects consisting of … how long you have actually been handicapped, when or if you will certainly ever go back to work, the amount of your month-to-month benefit and also whether you have qualified dependents.

As an example, if you are 45 years old, your monthly benefit quantity is $1,000, as well as you do not go back to function prior to age 65; your situation can easily be worth $250,000! This amount does not consist of the worth of the Medicare or Medicaid insurance policy you will be eligible for after being located handicapped. As a lot of you recognize, the cost of medical insurance in middle age, with pre-existing medical conditions, can be shocking and not inexpensive. This of course presumes that an insurer is willing to guarantee you.

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